Belair - "Relax, You're Soaking In It"
Belair - "Relax, You're Soaking In It"
Belair - "Relax, You're Soaking In It"
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Belair - "Relax, You're Soaking In It"

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File Under : Spiritual Jazz Folk 

When Jazz meets Folk.
Legendary Belair LP reissue for the first time
180 Gram Limited Edition

Private pressings have always been objects of demand and research by record collectors. In most cases, print runs were no more than 300 copies, and despite the total lack of recognition, this movement can be seen as a countercurrent act to the mass music industry. Private presses are non-commercial print runs distributed as a promotion or sold at concerts.
This was the case of Belair that, in 1980, recorded and sold the album “Relax, You're Soaking In It” at their own risk and distributed it in the San Francisco area. At the time, 1000 copies were pressed, which have become rare and highly desirable for collectors.

Licensed by Michael Belair