ERLON CHAVES - "Procura-se uma Virgem"
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ERLON CHAVES - "Procura-se uma Virgem"

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Reissue for the first time. Limited Edition. Ultra Rare Brazilian OST


This is Erlon Chaves e Orquestra Saint Moritz – "Procura-se uma Virgem" OST (1971), , supposed to be one of the most sought after Erlon Chaves LP. This OST was recorded to a Brazilian soft porn movie with killer organ funk instrumental tracks and several funky, erotic & modal tracks, arranged and directed by maestro Erlon Chaves.


"oh my gosh one of the true holy grails of brazil
I’ve after this for too long…
just the correct side of lounge
thank you for rereleasing this gem”

Gilles Peterson

(MAR 02)