Paulo Moura Hepteto – "Mensagem"
Paulo Moura Hepteto – "Mensagem"
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Paulo Moura Hepteto – "Mensagem"

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Worldwide Reissue on Vinyl for the first time 

Limited Edition on 180gram with OBI Stripe
Releases November 17, 2023

In sixty-five years of professional life, the clarinettist, saxophonist, arranger, conductor, and popular and symphonic composer lived the spirit of his time (1932-2010) always a few steps ahead. He created duos, trios, quartets, heptets, small popular orchestras, and jazz bands and reinvented the sound of gafieira. He walked between African rhythm and American and European avant-garde, transforming the Brazilian soul.
In "Mensagem", Paulo Moura presents what we can call his perspective as an arranger and jazz soloist. To do this, he brings together a repertoire of great modern Brazilian composers of the time, such as Tom Jobim and Milton Nascimento. The album marks Wagner Tiso's first appearance as a musician and arranger of some tracks with Paulo Moura. A fruitful relationship that will last through time
One of the greatest musicians in the history of Brazilian music. Conductor, composer, arranger, band leader and, without a doubt, one of Brazil's most brilliant wind players.
In 68, Paulo Moura brought together a notable group from the country's jazz and instrumental music to record the album "Mensagem". There are ten songs by different authors, such as Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento, and Marcos Valle, among others, in jazzy atmospheres that mix with bossa nova and samba-jazz.

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