Pedrinho Sampaio – "Um Grito De Guerra"
Pedrinho Sampaio – "Um Grito De Guerra"
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Pedrinho Sampaio – "Um Grito De Guerra"

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“Um Grito de Guerra" 1979 Brazilian Holy Grail disputed by collectors worldwide.

The LP “Um Grito de Guerra” cover invites us to enter Pedrinho's ship and embark on a series of sounds that reveal Amazonian jazz harmonies, groovy guitars, a funky swing, and progressive keyboard attacks. However, the musical journey is not unambiguous in its style, unveiling a walk over the treetops beyond the “Southern seas”. So, we must get lost in the immensity before even commanding words defining this sound.
From his cabin, Pedrinho controls his keyboards (an instrument that became so commonplace in the following decades), extracting all his creative power and masterfully conducting a band that swells the musical stew, bringing a new song that was part of the creative process of the eponymous show.
Present in a historical time that went through the industrial economic growth that generated a large national debt, the “Brazilian miracle”, followed by the process of disorderly development of the metropolises, including Manaus, which had as one of the swelling factors the urban exodus due to the Zona Franca. This same Free Zone, today so threatened, filled the city with opportunities and became, until the 1990s, a center for the generation and distribution of technology for the Manaus population. This technology, also sound, came with the offer of musical instruments such as the various keyboards, pianos and state-of-the-art synthesisers used in this recording, some of which are rare today.
The LP brings a still current sound and is involved in its inspiration. The Amazonian experience of this young Pedrinho, who in his poetic language escapes the need for rhymes and accessible elements of a regionalist nostalgia and creates a language that is at the same time autochthonous and universal.
An authentic Brazilian gem! Ranging from funk to soul to boogie, jazz and beyond, this little-known album by Amazonas state native Pedrinho Sampaio titled “Um Grito De Guerra” is the collection of musical works created for a theatrical show by the same name. The presentation focused on a few points, but the primary focus was rescuing the Amazonian identity and protecting the environment against Transamazonica. Pedrinho handles producing and arranging, along with keyboards and vocals.
“Um Grito de Guerra is an album released on vinyl in 1979 and is currently disputed by collectors worldwide.

(MAR 69)