Quintessence - "Quintessence"
Quintessence - "Quintessence"
Quintessence - "Quintessence"
Quintessence - "Quintessence"
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Quintessence - "Quintessence"

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Highly regarded Jazz Funk Private Press

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Remastered from the Original Tapes

File Under: Jazz Funk Private Press

Fully Licensed and from the Mastertapes

Mad About Records officially reissues super rare private press Quintessence’s 1981 LP.

With every famous jazz recording, many others remained on the shelf of oblivion without ever receiving the recognition they deserved, and this is the case of Quintessence. Led by Ron Ancrum, with George Sovak, David Gaedeke, Winston Johnson and Steve Muse recorded an exceptional and fundamental album of 80's jazz. If you are into Fender Rhodes, this is an LP to be collected.

Licensed by Ron Ancrum